I had the fantastic opportunity to work on this little library that resides at the Delhi Center. I began this project by coming with four different concepts.

Taking the idea of a book house literally, two of the designs incorporated making a house built out of books. The last two designs took the idea of reading as a form of growth and exploration.

After receiving feedback with the designs, the first design was chosen and I began the process of painting.

IMG_20130525_152146 IMG_20130525_163722
I used public domain books and their early book cover spine designs as a basis for all the different spines. If there was no design that I could find, I created my own design based on the ideas of the book. The book titles were in English and Spanish to target the hispanic community the Delhi Center serves.

IMG_20130707_163344 IMG_20130707_163457
IMG_20130707_163510 IMG_20130707_163357
The windows and roof are made out of books as well! The roof was left empty because it was wanted for a space for donors and contributors which would be added later.

Finally it was installed! And now it’s full of books that anyone can add to or take from. My love of books and painting made this a really fun project that I was happy to do.